We are a Montessori nursery school, open 47 weeks of the year, that facilitates development of the intellectual, emotional, physical and social aspects of the total learner.

Our mission is to realise and implement the ethos and philosophy of Maria Montessori in a way that considers the intellectual, emotional, physical and social development of the total learner by understanding the individual needs and requirements in a stimulating and emotionally secure environment.

Fluppet’s Montessori School Limited is a new company and the vision of two practitioners with 20 years combined experience in many different sectors of the education system, both private and state. We believe that this enables us to tailor our Montessori ethos, not only to every unique learner, but also the education system that learners will be beginning at the age of five.

We will treat every child as unique and singular as we nurture confidence and curiosity to create a stimulating and rewarding experience thus achieving their potential.

Fluppet’s Montessori is a very small nursery school, thereby allowing us to focus upon our learners needs with the intensity that they deserve thus allowing them to benefit from an undiluted curriculum of exploration.